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The Teign and Bovey are spate rivers running off Dartmoor granite and peat bogs.

However, Fernworthy reservoir which sits astride the South Teign considerably reduces the flow of the main river in low water conditions. For this reason the river tends to be primarily a sea trout river as this fish is less dependent on the critical heights of water compared to the salmon.

As a smaller river without a reservoir to impound its head streams the Bovey enjoys a more expected response to summer rainfall but is nevertheless primarily a sea trout water with some salmon.

Both rivers hold a good stock of wild brown trout some reaching up to 15” in size. However, for the majority of anglers their primary quarry are the river’s sea trout and salmon.

Sea Trout Fishing

The sea trout season runs from 15th March to 30th September during which time anglers may fish using fly or spinner - bait fishing is not permitted at any time. Like many West Country rivers the majority of fish are caught at night when the only legally permissible method is using the fly. Click here for more information on methods and tactics.

Salmon Fishing

The salmon season extends from 1st February to 30th September and fishing with fly or spinner is permitted - worm fishing is not permitted at any time. Due to the decline in numbers in recent years anglers may not take more than one salmon per season and none before 16th June. Click here for more information on methods and tactics.

Fishery Maps

The Association provides location maps showing the various beats. These maps may be downloaded from our web site in PDF format.

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