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(a) All Anglers are required to abide by all relevant Environment      Agency Byelaws, both National and Local.

(b) No fishing is permitted save with one rod and line at a time per authorised angler.

(c) No ticket holder may sell the fish caught by him.

(d) No angler is allowed to fish a pool for more than half an hour at one time if any other angler also wishes to fish it. An angler may not attempt to reserve a pool by leaving his rod or bag there against his return at a later time.

(e) No dogs shall be allowed to accompany anyone fishing.

(f) All gates must be shut and every effort should be made to avoid trespassing.  Trespassing on growing crops is especially prohibited and anyone infringing this rule will be held personally liable for any damage they cause.

(g) No holder of a visitors’ ticket, shall, on any account, cut or injure any of the trees or bushes on the banks of the river.

(h) Wading is permitted in all waters controlled by the Association.


(i) The holder of a visitors’ ticket is not permitted to fish for Brown Trout in Association water other than with artificial fly.

(j) The use of a float of any kind is prohibited by the Environment            Agency.

(k) Fishing with worm or maggot (real or artificial) is not permitted in any Association water at any time.

(l) By Day:

   Any lawful bait may be used throughout the season, subject to (i), (j) and (k) above.

(m) By Night:

From Sunset to Sunrise, no bait except artificial fly without maggot or anything else attached is allowed.



*   No salmon are to be killed.

** All Sea Trout and Brown Trout less than these lengths must be returned to the water unharmed. All Sea Trout of 24 inches or more must be returned. Every person fishing shall put all the fish retained into a bag or basket which shall always be opened on demand, to the inspection of the Water Bailiff. It shall be the duty of the Water Bailiff to inspect all bags and baskets so used.

No fisherman may retain more than the specified number of Sea Trout or Brown Trout in any 24 hour period from sunrise to sunrise the following day.





All salmon to be returned

Sea Trout

10 inches**

Before 1st June - 2

After 1st June - 4

Brown Trout

8 inches**


General Rules