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There has been a long tradition on the Teign of night-time fly-fishing for this sporting quarry which may be met in any appropriate spot between the top and bottom boundaries of the Association water.

Reliable and popular flies would appear to be anything with a bit of black and silver in their make-up, with the Alexandra proving as popular and effective as anything, tied either on tubes between on average an inch to three-quarters of an inch or on single hooks size 8 or 10.  These are normally fished off floating lines but you can arrange a bit of depth by splicing on a short sinking tip or judicious use of sinking leaders.

The runs of sea trout themselves begin in March with a few big wary “pugs” stealthily making their way up-stream ahead of the later-running fish.  These prized specimens are likely to be between three to five pounds although the odd fish comfortably over six pounds is taken most years.  The runs usually build until numbers peak in June/July although sea trout are still coming in off the sea until the end of the season. Inevitably the average size diminishes with the increase in numbers especially in the summer when the school peal arrive.

All the normal advice applies, i.e. make sure you have studied your chosen spot during daylight hours, carry a good net that won’t let you down at the critical moment, don’t forget your torch - but use it sparingly.  Because you will often be fishing in quite low thin water a light line rather than a heavy one will cause less disturbance with our shy peal.  Finally, the old advice about sitting still and waiting for the first bats before you begin your fishing was probably invented on the Teign as it is so appropriate!

Sea Trout Fishing